Hand Crafted Gold Nugget Bracelets

September 04, 2018

Summer time is when you show the most skin so you should dress it up in gold to catch the light. It’s the moment when you can let your creative style free. With the right amount of fine jewellery you can surely stand out wherever you go. You can hit the beach with style, making even an ordinary T-shirt look extraordinary with the addition of multiple bracelets gracefully adorning the arms and wrists.

It’s an opportunity to wear statement pieces. Bring out your full collection of bracelets of every shape, size, colour, texture and style. The fun thing about summer is that you can be carefree so just stack them on!

Each bracelet has its own story. Some you can wear all year round and others look even better on bare, tanned arms. Mix classic pieces with gold nugget friendship bracelets, of which you can choose the colour to interact with the gold. Wide hand-crafted gold nugget cuffs, embellished with diamonds, make a contrast with the subtlety of a fine golden rod bracelet set with diamonds. Add a sweet gold nugget charm bracelet as well as two gold, one-of-a-kind, nugget bracelets. A rose gold hand-made nugget bracelet will reflect the colour of the sunset while an ultra feminine multi-coloured stone bracelet is reminiscent of the rainbow.


Once adopted, each hand crafted bracelet remains very personal and becomes part of our every day life, often providing a certain sense of security, like a lucky charm. In the late 16th century an ‘amulet’ or bracelet was thought to be an ornament or a piece of jewellery that could give protection against evil, danger or disease. Today it certainly arms you with an irresistible style.