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“I believe that colour plays a vitally important role in the world in which we live. Colour can sway thinking, change actions and cause reactions.

I’ve always felt very at ease with colour and have an instinctive relationship with it. At art school it was my prime means of expression and I loved to find unusual colour combinations.

Many of my jewellery pieces are called “Colour Stories”. Each piece has its own character and different stories evolve as I make them spontaneously. I often come back to my designs, leaving them in the tray and looking at them again, and again, adding and taking away pieces until they come together as a whole”.

Natasha’s ‘Colour Stories’ celebrate the wonderful spectrum of hues of precious and semi-precious stones. Often working with unusual shades of a recognised stone, each piece is its own unique ‘story’ told by the stones as Natasha artistically combines different shades and types together with the hand-crafted gold nuggets. Peach sapphire, emerald and grey sapphire, pink and black diamond are just some of the intriguing combinations.

“The combining of the metal and stones is similar to painting with colour, putting textures, colours, shapes and sizes together to create a unique vision. It reminds me of when I was painting in my studio. Words can’t really describe it, but it’s the same sense of balancing and creating your image until it becomes a whole and it’s only at that instant that it feels complete, and that moment is purely intuitive”.

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