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“If you were to look at a naturally formed nugget from the river you would see a close resemblance to my work.” explains Natasha. “Taking the gold back to the irregular forms of nature, so the essence of the metal remains, is the quintessence of the artistic process for me”.

Natasha’s made in Ibiza collections centre on her signature technique of irregular hand-melted gold nuggets, a self-taught practice with which she recreates their beautiful characteristic raw appearance. Whether its yellow, rose or white, gold can only be shaped by fire. “The melting of gold is a wonderful process, as you shape it with the flame,” says Natasha. “When it’s a raw metal gold is dark, almost charcoal in appearance. It’s not beautiful yet, then out of the flame appears a transformation; the beginning of the final ‘jewel’.

Each one of a kind gold nugget is carefully shaped and then meticulously matched with asymmetrical stones such as diamonds, emeralds, opals, rubies, sapphires and semi-precious gems that fuse with the gold setting to find their own harmony, forming a brilliant collection of unique handmade rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

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