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Choosing a wedding band is something that has to be done with a great amount of thought and sensibility. You may wear a wedding dress just once but a wedding ring can be worn during a lifetime.

Designing a bespoke hand-crafted wedding band is very special as it’s such a symbolic occasion. It’s essential to understand the bride’s personality and style, taking into consideration the couples every wish so that this unique ring will incorporate their dreams.

Natasha’s love and use of diamonds makes her handmade fine jewellery work a beautiful choice for engagement rings. Made to order, she can source the diamonds or, if a client has a family heirloom they wish to contemporize or a stone of their own to set, she can incorporate it into the piece. It may involve creating a ring that stacks well with the bride’s engagement ring.
Simple, yet stunning wedding rings can be beautifully textured with many fine lines as the 18-carat gold is melted together. Natasha’s signature gold nuggets can be worked together to form the wedding band. The ultimate is to set a fine diamond into the centre of each gold nugget.
She is particularly happy when the groom expresses his desire for a similar, more masculine ring to mark his wedding vows.