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Natasha Collis’s signature, individual hand-shaped gold nuggets, designed in Ibiza, make her work infinitely recognisable. She has mastered the art of hand crafting exquisite, delicate, solid 18k gold nuggets into one of a kind elegant studs, cascading drop earrings glistening with diamonds, diamond and nugget chandelier earrings, front to back chain sapphire earrings, spinel drop earrings, emerald drop stud earrings, large treasure rod earrings and nugget hoop diamond earrings…to name just a few.

“At times it can take just a moment to design a new piece and sometimes it takes months, even years!! Surprisingly it took quite a while to do something so simple as a collection of small gold nugget cluster earrings. Once they were finished I was able to step back and realise that I had created these individual pieces, each unique in their shape, size and settings, that can be bought separately as a beautiful addition to someone’s personal collection of pierced ear earrings.”

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