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Natasha Collis’s artistic creativity flourishes in her magnificent statement pieces.

Colour, which plays a vital part in her creative process, has always drawn her towards working with precious stones such as crystal, black, brown, champagne, pink or green diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies or a large spectrum of spinel colours. Every stone has its own identity and character. She’s fascinated by the way light enters the stone and its multi-facets, causing different hues to interact.

Natasha’s extraordinary skill at finding the right balance between her coveted gold nuggets and the stones has given life to magnificent bold jewellery pieces with layers of head turning detail features such as a full treasure rainbow coloured necklace, a collar statement necklace, large multi-coloured treasure earrings and diamond chandelier rod earrings.
The most spectacular piece is the Gemfield gold nugget and emerald necklace. Recognizing her unique talent and appreciation of gem stones, Gemfields commissioned Natasha to participate in a project that brought together many of the jewellery world’s elite designers to create a one-off piece using the companies ethically mined emeralds, rubies and amethysts.

Natasha, a strong believer in fair trade and ethical resourcing, was privileged to take part, creating this breath-taking necklace that was unveiled by Hollywood actress Mila Kunis at Phillips Auction House in London.

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