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Natasha Collis chooses stones for her nugget rings based on her creative impetus, seeing inclusions as part of the story, judging the way light enters the stone and how it feels to the touch. Each stone has its own identity and character; the combination of the stone and a handmade gold nugget coming together to create a unique identity and a stunning hand-crafted ring.

“I can never make two identical designs. They are collectors’ items. You can wear more than one ring at a time. Wear multiple rings on the same finger or place a wedding ring in-between two other rings. You layer your clothes so why not layer or stack multiple rings across all fingers to reflect your style and personality. Add something new to a family heirloom or to a jewellery piece you’ve been wearing for a long time.”
Natasha’s most recent nugget pieces in white, yellow or pink gold fit together aesthetically to tell a story. She loves to create a series of important pieces that can be worn together or independently, according to the mood of the moment

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